WordPress Website Development

WordPress is one of the best and most commonly used open source Content Management Systems (CMS). It makes it easier for novice designers to produce a decent web design within minutes.

If you’re looking for affordable WordPress services creations made by a highly qualified and professional design team, look no more! Sixth Sense is your answer.

As a World class WordPress web development company, Sixth Sense IT Solutions offers highly scalable business solutions which adhere to quality standards and a strict management system. We provide advanced Website Development to customers using the WordPress platform.

We have served clients all over the World. Clients who have taken our services, consider us to be the best quality and most reliable company for WordPress website development. You should also experience our services, you won’t be disappointed!


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Super fast WP Designs

In just 2 business days* we are capable of planning, designing and developing a Word Press web design that’s tailored to your requirements, preferences and specifications.

Plugin Development

All the functions that you intend to have in a WordPress website will be at your disposal, even when you couldn’t find a suitable plugin to fit your requirement.

No Hard Coding

There are no hidden tricks** such as hard coding to save money at the expense of our esteemed customers. You will be able to make changes anytime you like.

100% Optimized

At Sixth Sense IT Solutions, we will develop for you a WordPress website that will achieve top rankings when searched by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

After Sales Service

Sixth Sense will provide free technical support from our experienced experts for a duration of 12 months. After which ongoing support will be available for a small annual fee.

WP-eCommerce Active

We have the skills and know what it takes to generate the theme of a compatible WP-eCcommerce functioning website or mobile application.


*Depending on the complexity of your website creation.

**Other web developers may use hard coding to lock you out of the updating process.