Responsive Web Design

Need your site to reach mobile customers?

Why a responsive website is better than a strictly mobile website
Responsive web design allows for a website’s design and layout to dynamically adapt to any type of device or screen size. Because the full content is available and the design simply changes on the fly based on device type, there is no need to host content in two separate locations. This not only makes responsive web designed sites much simpler to manage from a resource point of view, but also allows for the best user experience possible. Furthermore, because the content is not staggered across multiple locations, responsive design creates a more efficient and consolidated SEO strategy. All of your content sits in one location and can more quickly build authority, trust, inbound links, and ultimately stronger organic visibility. The screenshots below show how uses responsive design to adjust layouts based on different screen sizes. The flexibility of responsive design even allows for a custom mobile-friendly navigation menu in the far right image.

Responsive img