Internet Marketing & SEO

Make the search engines work for you!

We have adopted a client-centric, strategic approach to Search results.  Each client has a unique set of circumstances when it comes to Search Marketing and that’s why a customized mix of PPC, SEO and Contextual Advertising is critical climb the latter.

Paid Search

It is a strategy that pays. Paid search is the most immediate, controllable, and highest impact digital marketing tactic we are able to employ. We specialize in the research, planning, implementation and on-going maintenance of paid search campaigns; we utilize comprehensive keyword strategies, innovative bidding tactics, and expert copywriters, supported by industry-leading reporting and optimization tools to separate ourselves from our competitors.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

It is a valuable long-term strategy that delivers the highest returns for your investment. Increasing prices in paid search are bringing sellers back to basics. Our experienced best-practices deliver top placements in non-paid search engine listings, using extensive keyword research, URL analysis, content analysis, manipulation of metadata, and development of extensive internal and external links.

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