eCommerce Marketing

eCommerce marketing is all about enticing web surfers to your site and, once there, to entice them into becoming a customer. While overall similar to marketing a physical business, eCommerce marketing has some unique ingredients. For instance, marketing a physical store requires substantial enticement to move a customer to take the effort to physically come to your store location. It also means that the customer has an “investment” in the visit. They have expended time, energy and money to get to the location. On the web, “visiting” your store requires far less effort. A single mouse click and they are there.

Here is what Sixth Sense can do for your business:

1) Entice visitors (non-customers) to come to your site:

Search engine registration (natural search results)


Public relations – news releases, articles and stories

Online advertising (banners, links / cross-links, directories, newsletter placement, etc.)

2) Convert visitors (non-customers) into customers:

In-site promotions

Sales / Special Offers

In-store Coupons

Associated Products

Customer Recommendations

Opt-in Email Promotions

3) Maximise Site Effectiveness:

Enticing appropriate visitor behavior

Establishing emotional context

Building relationships

Increasing per-customer purchases

After sale marketing

After sale relationship building.

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